Rates and costs

Regular rates 

An overnight stay costs 115 euros for 1 person, 125 euros for 2 persons, 169 euros for three persons and 199 euro for four persons. At Friday and Saturday, the rate is 10 euro per night higher. In holiday seasons, the rate is also 10 euro per night higher. Children up to 12 years old stay for free. 

Other costs (use only)

  • Breakfast p.p.p.n. €12 ( already reserved when booking. You make your own breakfast, we will make sure that all breakfast items are in your kitchen and fridge. Indicate if and when you have special breakfast wishes)
  • Bike rental p.p.p.n. €7,50
  • Washing and drying service, per time €4,50

The above rates and costs are inclusive of VAT.